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Greta & Eddie

Greta and Eddie married in 2009 before Greta began pharmacy school. She graduated pharmacy school in 2013 from Harding University. Eddie is originally from Jonesboro. He is a realtor for King-Rhodes and also owns Village Adventures (outdoor retail shops located in Hardy and Batesville). After returning to Cherokee Village in 2013, they've welcomed two boys to the family. They bought the Cherokee Village pharmacy in 2015 from Greta's dad, Frank, after his retirement. The Walnut Ridge store was purchased in 2017.

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Ellen Johnston

Ellen is first in our series for employee spotlights. Ellen has worked on and off at our store since she was in high school. Back then she worked as a clerk helping out in the summers. Today, she's one of my top pharmacy technicians. This summer she graduates from Arkansas State with degrees in psychology and criminology. It has been a privilege to watch her grow and mature over the years and I'm excited to see what her future holds. (We'll be trying to hold on to her for as long as we can though!)

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Samantha Lamb

Samantha is a hometown girl and graduated in the class of 2007 from Highland. She's been with us since August of 2014. She is one of our main pharmacy technicians and she's also my giftware manager. Needless to say, I keep her busy. She and her husband, Ryan, have two wonderful daughters. We're glad to have them back in the community and thankful to have Samantha on our team

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Stefanie Brink

Stefanie joined our team in October last year as our office manager. Since then, she's taken on responsibilities in all of our businesses, helping us manage accounts, paying bills, and working with our Medicare Part B billing company for the pharmacy. She helps out the team out front answering phones and helping patients as needed. She's a real asset to our company. She and her husband, Daniel, recently welcomed their beautiful baby girl in March.

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Savannah Sutton

Savannah joined our team last summer. She works with us during her breaks from school. She attends Arkansas State University in Jonesboro where she majors in Biology- Pre-professional. She's a 2015 graduate of Highland. Savannah has a fun, outgoing personality that's made her a great addition to the team. We're happy to see her during her breaks!